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Live with a sense of well being, in comfort, health, abundance, flow, joy, confidence, compassion and love.

ZYTO Wellness Scans

ZYTO Wellness Scans

ZYTO Wellness Scans can support your body’s day-to-day efforts to stay well. In a session we’ll use galvanic skin response and ask the body where it is out of balance and what services, supplements and lifestyle guidance may help bring it back into balance.

The Energy Codes

The Energy Codes

In a variety of workshops we’ll teach practices and principles that anchor consciousness into the core. When we bring our energy home we can become effortlessly present and lovingly powerful. Regardless of our circumstances we can live, every day, in joy and peace.

EVOX Perception Reframing

EVOX Perception Reframing

Instead of a limited, narrow outlook creating stress and impacting your health & wellness, perception reframing leads to new ways of seeing things, more options for dealing with life, and a positive outlook allowing you to function with greater ease and less stress.


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ZYTO Wellness Scans


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Cindy Kimball-Hodges

As a career pilot, Cindy spent over 30 years developing an appreciation for wellness. An Air Force Academy graduate, she retired from the military, flew twenty years with the airlines and is now a light on the path to wellness. The stress associated with a lifetime of flying airplanes has given way to an understanding that everything affects our vitality; from the thoughts we think to how we move and nourish our bodies. We are not our circumstances.

We are possibility.

Calbecks Wellness presents a book by Dr Sue Morter

The Energy Codes

The 7-step system to awaken your spirit, heal your body, and live your best life.

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